Body Warmer – The perfect partner for outdoor sports

Regardless of age, regardless of the season, exercise is essential. Especially in recent years...

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Regardless of age, regardless of the season, exercise is essential. Especially in recent years, people are increasingly reluctant to stay in the gym, choosing to do a variety of outdoor activities in the open outdoors. However, in winter, engaging in outdoor sports inevitably will encounter a tricky problem — cold.

Don’t worry. The Body Warmer, especially in the winter, is the perfect partner for outdoor sports.

Our body warmers heat up to 12 hours and the temperature is between 63-68 degrees Celsius, so even for time-consuming sports such as long slow walks or hunting, our products can meet your time and heat demand. And the warmer can reach a temperature of 40℃ just needing 1-2 minutes after opening the package, so that you can immediately feel the moderate temperature and continue to keep you warm even in the cold outdoor. Especially for sports that require minimal clothing such as jogging, the heat provided by the body warmer allows you to warm up fully and avoid starting strenuous exercise directly because it is too cold, which is likely to cause harm to your body, such as dislocation .

The principle of the Body Warmer is the chemical reaction between iron powder and oxygen, so it can generate the heat spontaneously without requiring additional power supply. So you can pack light doing outdoor sports without having to carry some clunky devices, like chargers. In addition, our products are disposable, and it can be thrown directly in the trash after use, without taking up space like some reusable heating equipment.

And its size is 13*9.5cm, which is compact and convenient. When using it, just tear off the paper back, and then stick it to the clothes. Moreover, the viscosity of the body warm is moderate, so it will not fall off from the clothes during use. Especially when doing some exercises that require higher body stretch, such as golf. The Body Warmer can provide you with maximum heat supply without limiting your body movement. Or when you’re on the bike, a portable and convenient warmer doesn’t add resistance to riding like bulky clothing.

In a word, when you doing outdoor sports, the Body Warmer, in the portable form, with a long duration, with a stable temperature, protects you from the cold, so that you can indulge in the beauty of winter sports.

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