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Thermal Solution for Hunting

HANYAO Thermal Solution for Hunting

Winter hunting is an enthralling and chasing activity, Winter gives additional extremely to hunting in the form of low temperatures, abundant snow cover, strong winds, snowstorms, and the danger of avalanches. At the same time, it also puts a great test on the hunter’s physical fitness and equipment. In cold weather and harsh mobile environment, these dangerous situations may occur:


How to prevent these situations from happening?

HANYAO Thermal Solution for Hunting​

Our bodies need to continuously produce heat to keep us alive, but in cold temps, we can lose more heat than our bodies are able to generate. Hunters are particularly at risk. We routinely take on high elevations and prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures or spitting ice and snow, which increase the potential for hypothermia and frostbite. To prevent cold and sweating, our warm products are very suitable for you:

Foot insoles warmer are a great way to keep your feet warm while hunting, they are portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Not to mention, they work to reduce fatigue and prevent injuries. Our foot insole warmers and toe warmers have been specially designed to help keep your feet comfortable and 8 hours long-lasting, even when you’re exposed to frigid temperatures, comfortable and stable heat can help the whole body be better able to stand up to cold temperatures for longer, enable you to participate long hours of hunting activities during the frigid winter, and help you stay safe venturing out this winter season. So, go out this hunting season armed with the best gear for the cold weather and warmer feet!

When you’re chasing prey, the joints of the body are the key to facilitating speed and flexibility. And cold weather and snow and ice will reduce the flexibility of the joints, making the body bulky. It greatly affects the hunting experience of hunters. At this time, our warm 8-hours joint patch and knee patch can save this very well. The joint patch can be directly attached to any joint. The knee patch is designed according to ergonomics and has a comfortable elastic band. You can control the size at will. It can be easily and simply fixed on your knee or in the knee pad, light and flexible, and does not affect the bending movement of the knee at all. With them, your hunting will be more rewarding this winter!

It’s a real dilemma when hunting in the cold months. If you don’t have full use of your hands, using a bow or gun will be harder. Hand warmers are a great solution to the problem and a must have in your cold weather gear. They’re portable and work quickly. Our hand warmer use new technologies can keep more than 12 hours warm, They can keep your hands ready for action without slowing them down with bulky layers of gloves. Please feel free to use your hands flexibly under its warmth!

Body warmer, air activated body warmer can provide at least 12 hours of warmth to any part of your body in a cold environment. It improves your blood circulation, prevents your skin from frostbite, and keeps your clothes and body dry. A steady stream of heat is the power of the body. When hunting in the ice and snow, you will need heat very much. What’s more, unlike all the bulky products you’ve tried, this warmer is so lightweight that it won’t slow you down, making for a wonderful warming experience.

In this winter, enjoy the fun of running and chasing prey, feel the joy brought by the rapid heartbeat without worrying about the shackles of the cold, we will give you long-lasting and unburdened warmth! Just click here to contact us!