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Thermal Solution for Golf

HANYAO Thermal Solution for Golf

Although most of the golf courses have been closed in cold winter, some are still open to the public, and a number of die-hard fans are still at their posts to continue their golfing frenzy in the winter, but its really a challenge in winter, one of the reason is the challenge of facing the threats of nature, another one is the challenge of facing the safe of body, for example:


How to prevent these situations from happening?

HANYAO Thermal Solution for Golf​

To ensure safety, how to keep warm in winter really deserves our thinking, the warming products with high quality and poor quality mixed on current market, in view of the quality and portability, we highly advise you to choose some good products as below:

lightweight & portable, the max temp can up to 68℃(154.4℉), putting it into your gloves or pockets, then supplying constant heat to your hand for 12 hours, keeping hands warm & dry for flexibility, grip & finger dexterity and protect your hands from the frozen wind and snow, enjoying the fun of playing golf in winter!

Shrug off the coldest golf playing days with these “pocket furnaces”, the function and using method of it is the same as hand warmer totally, but it’s larger and longer heating time! It can release heat for 24 hours, max temp can up to 65℃(149℉), it means that your hands can keep warmth for 24 hours by using this warmer and you can go outside to play golf for whole day! 

If you’ve spent time outside for playing golf during cold weather, feet are often the first body parts to start to feel chilly, and they can be difficult to warm up again. Our foot insole warmers and toe warmers have been specially designed to help keep your feet comfortable even when you’re exposed to frigid temperatures, 8 hours long-lasting, comfortable and stable heat can help the whole body be better able to stand up to cold temperatures for longer and enable you to participate long hours of golf activities during the frigid winter.

Air activated Body Warmers are a natural heat source for your body. Staying warm for 12 hours at least. It can prevent your CORE from getting cold which causes cold extremities during fishing. Because a cold body core is the reason of frozen extremities. More important is that it unlike all those bulky products you’ve tried, this body warmer is extremely lightweight and won’t slow you down to catch fishes, it will make it a wonderfully warm experience.

Our seating warmer is bigger and thinner than other’s, 40*40cm, 8 hours heating time, lightweight and easy to carry, it’s the best way to stay warm with zero prep – no charging and no extra accessory needed. Simply open the package, put it on your chair or anywhere you sit down, and feel the warmth heating up your core immediately during fishing, gift your tailgating spouses and buddies (or yourself!) with a way to enjoy cold weather fishing games AND stay warm!

Heat packs give you warm protection anytime and anywhere, make your sports easy and worry-free, and let your fingers stretch as much as you want. Please wave your arms as much as you want this winter! We always welcome your inquiries!