Shipping Warmer

The cold never bothered me anyway

Shipping Warmer

HANYAO Shipping Warmer Series


HANYAO Shipping Warmer Features

* Designed for reliable and steady heat release for 24-72 hours.
* Excellent for shipping live insects, reptiles, fish, flowers, etc.
* Environmentally safe, disposable, inner content biodegradable.

How to use it:

How to use HANYAO Shipping Warmer

1. Open the outer package and expose the pack to air.
2. Place the Shipping Warmer inside a transportation box or someplace around your goods.


Shipping Warmer Series Usage

Shipping Warmer heat pack designed for the safe transportation of tropical fish, corals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, live foots, flowers and plants.


Shipping Warmer Storage

Keep in dry, ventilated and cool place, avoiding direct sunlight.


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