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Our Factory

Jiangsu Hanyao Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

Hanyao is a modern production factory with 50000 square meters, which is the biggest OEM manufacturer of air-activated warmers and medical heat patches in whole China, such as hand warmer, toe warmer, foot insole warmer, heat patch, shoulder&neck warmer, warming belt and so on. 

HANYAO Factory

The biggest OEM manufacturer of air-activated warmers and medical heat patches


We have more than 500 excellent skillful workers.


Jiangsu Hanyao has 37 advanced production lines.

5 M

Daily production 5 million, 60% ahead the second supplier.


Modern production factory with 50000 square meters.


Exported to 100+ countries such as Germany, UK, US.

R&D Advantages

Experienced R&D Team and Top Advanced Laboratories

1. The Only Manufacturer

Our factory is the only one manufacturer who can produce low-temperature non-woven fabric in China, we are experienced in non-woven fabric composite, the temperature accuracy can be controlled within ± 1%.

2. Experienced R&D Team

Equipped with an experienced R&D team, we develop new products every year and have 53 national patents by now, we also developed new style seat warmer and toe warmer this year.

3. Top Advanced Laboratories

Equipped with 4 top advanced laboratories, ensure the new products development and quality control, we keep enriching the range of the products.

Quality Advantages

Experienced R&D Team and Top Advanced Laboratories

1. The Biggest Manufacturer

We are the biggest manufacturer of non-woven fabric composite film in China, occupying more than 60% market shares by mastering the best skill of composite non-woven fabric which is the most important part for warmer quality control.

2. Laigang Iron Powder

The iron powder we use is from Laigang Group, which is the largest iron factory with the best quality in China.

3. High-Frequency Detection

During production, we randomly pick products from the production line for testing every 25 minutes, greatly reduce the quality difference caused by the same batch.

Packaging Advantages

Quality Packaging

1. Best Oxygen-resistant Bag

The packaging plastic bag we use is the best oxygen-resistant bag in China, 3 years shelf life guaranteed.

2. High Strength Box

The display box we use is made of inner and outer white board + middle corrugated board, divider in the box is same material, with high strength and good support, which can better protect the products and guarantee the good appearance during long-distance transportation.

3. Quality Printing Factory

The printing factory we cooperate with specializes in doing export standard, uses large plate printing, guarantee the high clarity and small color difference of the packaging.

Customization Advantages

Provide OEM Customization Service

1. Customizable mold

If you want the product special shaped, we can customize the mold for you, then the shape will be only belong to you, we will not sell to other customers.

2. Customizable Heating Time

If you have requirements on product temperature and heating time, we can adjust for you.

3. Customizable Packaging

We welcome packaging customized print with your own brand.