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Thermal Solution for Pain Relief

HANYAO Thermal Solution for Pain Relief

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HANYAO Thermal Solution for Pain Relief​

During menstruation, it is very important to keep the body warm, especially for the cramped and congested pelvic area. You can also put a hot water bag on the abdomen for hot compress, and it can relieve abdominal pain for a few minutes at a time. Now we have a more convenient heater, which can be directly attached to your lower abdomen, and the heating time can last up to 12 hours, let’s take a look.

Pain relief heat patch send real heat deep into your muscles to relax contractions and provide period pain relief. It’s easy to carry and discreet enough to wear on the go. Air-activated provides up to 12 hours of pain relief by increasing blood flow and oxygen to accelerate healing and relieve pain. The period pain patch are Comfortable, Disposable, Discreet, & Portable. Great for working, travelling or on the go. Don’t let menstrual cramps hold you back. Menstrual Patches are Must-Have for Your Special Days of the Month!

Warming belt for relieve period cramps and back pain relief. Each pain reliever heat patch provides targeted, therapeutic heat to relieve menstrual cramps and back pain for up to 12 hours. The freely stretchable elastic belt makes the belt firmly fixed on your waist and abdomen, free and light, and will not pull your skin and clothes. Let you also have a relaxing and comfortable hot compress experience during backache and menstrual period!

Heat Thin pain relief patches are individually wrapped and discreet for on-the-go use effective, drug free relief, Heat therapy soothes pain and cramps associated with PMS and your period by promoting blood flow, reducing muscle tension and relaxing muscles. It fits seamlessly under clothing by applying the heat patch to lower abdomen or lower back on top of undergarments, any part of the body with heat needs, and effectively soothing pain, reducing muscle tension and relaxing muscles.

Shoulder and neck stickers can relax your shoulder and neck muscles very well, promote blood circulation by continuously providing heat, and we have designed a variety of shoulder&neck warmer in various shapes according to the human body structure to meet your various needs. It is easy to carry and use. Also, It can be directly attached to your neck and shoulders. You can use it during work, life, and outings, bringing you up to 8 hours of relaxation!

Let’s get rid of joint pain and dysmenorrhea, relax your body with hot compress therapy, heat patch will give you warm protection anytime, anywhere! Don’t hesitate to contact us here!