Steam Eye Mask

The cold never bothered me anyway

Steam Eye Mask

HANYAO Steam Eye Mask Series


HANYAO Steam Eye Mask Features

* One time use
* Odorless
* Relieve eye fatigue
* Discreet and comfortable
* Natural therapeutic heat

How to use it:

How to use HANYAO Steam Eye Mask

1. Remove the eye mask and tear along the dashed line.
2. Hook the string over your ears to keep the mask in place.
3. Rest the mask on top of your closed eyes and relax.


Steam Eye Mask Series Usage

This self warming heated eye mask will promote your blood circulation, release fine moist steam, comfort the skin around eyes, let tired eye enjoy the steam, fully relieve dry eyes and eye astringent. You can have a eye SPA at any time: at bedtime, leisure time, noontime snooze, traveling on plane or train, rest time in office.


Steam Eye Mask Storage

Keep in dry, cool place and avoiding direct sunlight.


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