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The cold never bothered me anyway

Thermal Solution for Skiing

HANYAO Thermal Solution for Skiing

Why do people like skiing? Because they are in some of the most spectacular scenery they will ever see in the world. On top of a mountain on a sunny day with a view of the snowy panorama, the view is quite simply breathtaking. But what are the dangers of skiing in this extremely cold weather?


How to prevent the above dangers from happening when skiing?

The secret to winter skiing warmth

When you’re coming down the mountain on skiing or snowshoeing through deep powder, the last thing you’ll want to deal with is numb toes and fingers. You may have the best extreme cold weather gear, but bring our portable warmers will keep you warmer. Once your limbs feel stiff, they will rejuvenate you.

Hands are often the first part to get cold while skiing, both for kids and adults. Our hand warmers are lightweight, very comfortable to use, temperature up to 68℃(154.4℉)max, average temperature: 55°C(131℉), warming effect lasts 12 hours. With skiing, you need heating items that are as portable as possible, large bulky items will be a hindrance. So I would suggest either a single-use hand warmer as the best option in these circumstances. And they can easily fit inside your gloves and make your winter ski trip lighter and warmer.

The method of use is the same as hand warmer, except that it is larger in size, with a maximum temperature of 65°C(149℉), an average temperature of 53°C(127.4℉), and up to 24 hours of heat. Adding large warmers to your gloves or pockets will let you enjoy the activity much longer than you could without the added warmth. Ski enthusiasts will enjoy the fun for a longer time.

Specially designed for toe & foot, these warmers fit the shape of the toe&foot perfectly. They are ultra-thin and suitable for ski boots. Simply open the packaging and stick the warmers to the socks or place it directly in the boot. The warmer will begin to heat up very quickly and stay warm for up to 8+ hours. These warmers will keep your toe and feet warm and dry if you truly want to enjoy a full day on the slopes.

Single-use air-activated heat packs that contain and adhesive on one side so they stay in place where you stick them. Like that you can stick them to the inside of your ski suit to keep your body with 12 hours continuous warmth while skiing. You will indulge in a full day of exciting and unforgettable adventure.

Skiing is a free and fun sport. Under the protection of these heat packs, you can let go of your hands and feet without being bound by rigidity and play with skiing movements! Welcome to consult us anytime!