Large Warmer

The cold never bothered me anyway

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Large Warmer

HANYAO Large Warmer Series


HANYAO Large Warmer Features

* Odorless
* Air-activated, fast heat, ready to use
* Up to 24 hours
* Disposable

How to use it:

How to use HANYAO Large Warmer

1. Open the outer package and expose the pack to air.
2. Shake gently, place the large warmer inside a pocket or glove to keep warm.
3. After use, dispose with regular garbage.

Product Specification:

Ave. Temp55℃
Duration22-24 hours

Regular Packaging:

Inner bag1pc/bag180x120mm
Display box40pcs/box245x185x135mm
Shipping carton6boxes/carton510x355x220mm
CustomizationOEM available
Usage: Skiing, camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, golfing, etc.


Large Warmer Series Usage

Suitable for keeping warm when participate in outdoor activities in cold winter, such as Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Skiing, Walking, Jogging, Golf, etc.


Large Warmer Storage

Keep in dry, ventilated and cool place, avoiding direct sunlight.


Answer: No, it is disposable, pls don’t open it until ready to use. The heating time of large warmer is 22~24 hours, and our factory is the only one who can produce such long heating time.

Answer: The raw material of our air-activated warmer contains Iron Powder, Activated Carbon, Salt, Super Absorbent Polymer, Water and Vermiculite, they are natural and friendly to the environment.

Answer: It’s a exothermic chemical reaction, once the tri-iron tetraoxide contact with oxygen, it will release heat from the oxidation reaction, Activated Carbon, Sodium Chloride, Water and Super Absorbent Polymer are catalyst to accelerate exothermic chemical reaction of Tri-iron tetraoxide and oxygen, Vermiculite will expands because of heat , then forming a layer for heat preservation to extend the heating time.

Answer: The shelf life of our large warmer is 3 years.

Answer: Because we need to make new printing plate for your first order, there will be about 30~35 days to finish the production, but if you need it urgently, pls kindly let us know in time, we can put your order in our earlier production schedule and ship them to you earlier.

Answer: Yes, we support OEM, our factory is the biggest OEM manufacturer of air-activated warmers in whole China. Generally we will send the die-line of the bag and box to you, you can design your own brand packaging based on the die-line, once it is finished, you can send the artworks to us by the format PDF or AI, and then we will send the final digital printing plates to you for confirming, if they are ok, we will arrange to make the actual printing plate and produce for you immediately.


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