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Thermal Solution for Jogging

HANYAO Thermal Solution for Jogging

Jogging in low temperature conditions can accelerate the body’s metabolism, enhance immunity, and at the same time enhance the body’s oxygen uptake capacity and strengthen endurance. In cold weather, the body burns more calories to maintain body’s temperature, which is more conducive to weight loss. And proper jogging will secrete more endorphins, which will make it easier for us to feel happy and enjoyment.

But jogging in winter may come with a series of dangers:


How to prevent these situations from happening?

HANYAO Thermal Solution for Jogging​

When jogging in winter, too heavy clothing is not conducive to the stretching of our body and prevents us from fully warming up. However, in cold winter, suitable insulation measures are essential. There are some small and portable products to protect you from the cold during walking in winter:

The average temperature is about 55℃, the max temp can be up to 68℃~72℃, which will bring powerful protection in cold winter. The heating time can last up to 12 hours, so it absolutely meets the heat needs. The Hand Warmer are compact and portable, usually carried on the hand, in gloves or in the pocket. The heat keeps hands warm, avoids stiffness, promotes blood circulation, and improves hand and body flexibility, better to enjoy the fun of jogging.

Compact &Portable. Everyone tends to dress lightly to facilitate physical activities while walking, but in the cold winter, it is inevitable to wear heavy clothes to keep warm. The average temp of the Body Warmer is about 53℃, and the max temp is about 63℃, which provides enough heat and protects to you from the cold. The adhesive body warmer can stick firmly to clothes, and you can enjoy the jogging time without any burden.

There is a Chinese saying that cold starts from the feet. Keeping our feet warm can promote blood circulation throughout the body, which in turn keeps our body warm and avoid the heat losing caused by low temperatures after walking. The Toe Warmer is adhesive, and you can stick it to the soles or surfaces of your foot.By using them, it can keep your feet warm and prevent your feet from becoming stiff due to the cold or prevent frostbite.

The Foot Insole Warmers are available in four sizes, which generally suits everyone’s foot. And the heating time can last more than 8 hours, to ensure that you can feel the warmth from the foot warmers in every step you take.

The hands are one of the most commonly used parts of us, and in winter, especially in outdoors, our hands also require temperature protection.The Large Warmer is the same as hand warmer totally, but the heating time can reach more than 24 hours, and you can choose different Hand Warmers according to your needs.

With these heat packs, you don’t have to worry about being unable to take a step anymore. The hand warmers and foot warmers will provide you with long-term and comfortable warmth. Enjoy your jogging in the cold winter! Feel free to contact us anytime!