How does the air-activated Warmer work when hunting?

HANYAO-air-activated Warmer work
Climatic conditions encountered when hunting: Winter weather: During winter hunting, temperatures are usually cooler...

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Climatic conditions encountered when hunting:

  1. Winter weather: During winter hunting, temperatures are usually cooler, and below-freezing temperatures can be faced.
  2. Cold winds: Even though the temperature itself is not very low, cold winds can significantly increase the perceived temperature. In open areas or mountains, wind speeds may be higher, making the feeling of cold more pronounced.
  3. High altitude: Temperatures tend to be lower due to increased altitude, while there may be greater temperature variations.
  4. Humidity and precipitation: High humidity and precipitation can increase the feeling of cold. In a humid environment, even if the temperature is not very low, moisture can make the body feel colder.

Why do hunters need to keep their bodies warm in cold environments?

a. Prevent hypothermia: When the body is exposed to cold, heat is quickly lost, causing the body temperature to drop.

b. Prevent frostbite: Frostbite is damage caused by exposure of body tissues to extremely low temperatures, which can lead to tissue necrosis. Keeping your body warm can prevent frostbite from happening.

c. Maintain normal body function: In a low temperature environment, the body will try to keep the core area warm, causing peripheral blood vessels to constrict and blood circulation to slow down. This can lead to problems such as muscle stiffness, sluggishness, and decreased athletic capacity, affecting the hunter’s body coordination and reflexes.

d. Provide comfort and mental state: In cold environments, physical discomfort and cold sensations can be distracting and affect the hunter’s concentration and judgment. Keeping the body warm can provide comfort, allowing the hunter to concentrate better and maintain a good mental state.

What role can air-activated Warmer play in hunting?

  1. Long Duration: We care the only one manufacturer which can produce Hand Warmer with 12-hour heating time. Toe Warmer and Foot Insole Warmer’s heating time also can last up to 9 hours. And Body Warmer can last the 12 hours heating. And if you choose the Large Warmer, the heating time can last the 24 hours. So our products can provide the long duration heating supply.
  2. Apply the Warmer to the specific area of body, and the heating emitted will accelerate the  blood circulation, thus sending the heat to the whole body to warm.
  3. With the compose size, the Warmers are convenient to carry. We can attach them to our clothes and It will not hinder any behavior when hunting
  4. The principle of the product is the chemical reaction between iron powder and oxygen. You just need to open the bag to make it fully with the air, and it will start to emit heat spontaneously, so it not need additional power supply.

Choose a suitable part and use a different Warmer:

a. Hands: The hands are one of the most common parts that are exposed to cold in the hunting process. As the only manufacturer which can produce the 12-hour heating time Hand Warmer, even during intensive hunting, our product also can provide the long-lasting and stable supply of heat to you. Of course, if you’re looking for the Warmer which is bigger than Hand Warmer, the Large Warmer might be the answer, and the heating time can last up to 24 hours.

b. Feet: The feet are another area that is prone to cold, especially when walking on cold ground.

Our Toe Warmer and Foot Insole Warmer’s heating time can last up to 9 hours, so even in hunting activities that take a long time, such as jungles and mountain roads, our products can provide the long supply of heat to you. There are four different sizes with Foot Insole Warmer, which can fit the most people’s feet. Keeping it in our shoes, then it can provide a comfortable heat and prevents frostbite on your feet.

c. Joints and muscular areas: During hunting, it is often necessary to perform various movements and postures, which can lead to discomfort in the joints and muscles. Body Warmer can be applied to any part of the body and applied to joints and muscle areas, such as knees, elbows or shoulders, to reduce joint pain and muscle stiffness and provide a comfortable movement experience.

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