OEM Air activated Warmer

Your Trusted OEM Partner for Premium Hand Warmers

Why Partner with HANYAO for OEM Production?

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HANYAO - Your Trusted OEM Partner for Premium Hand Warmers

HANYAO Warmer Specifications


HANYAO OEM Warmer Features

* Odorless
* Air-activated, fast heat, ready to use
* Up to 12 hours
* Disposable
* Shelf life: 3 years


Our OEM Capabilities

Mass Production

With 500 skilled workers and 37 production lines, we ensure timely delivery, even for massive orders.

Customizable Features

ailor the product’s temperature, duration, and even the shape to fit your market’s needs.

Quality Packaging

Choose from our range of premium packaging, or design one that aligns with your brand.

Research & Development

Leverage our R&D capabilities for product innovation. With 53 national patents, we’re at the forefront of the industry.

Testimonials from B2B Partners

“Since partnering with Hanyao Medical, the quality of our products has significantly improved. Their Hand Warmers not only offer consistent and long-lasting performance but provide immense comfort to our clients during cold days. We’re delighted to have chosen Hanyao as our OEM partner.”


Max Müller

“Hanyao Medical has provided us with unparalleled OEM services. From the quality of raw materials to the packaging of the final product, every detail reflects their professionalism and expertise. Our clients love the new Hand Warmers, and we’re thankful to the Hanyao team for their excellent work.”


Purchasing Manager

“We’ve worked with several OEM manufacturers in the industry, but the professionalism and responsiveness of Hanyao Medical have truly impressed us. Their Hand Warmer products are best-sellers in our inventory, and we look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with Hanyao.”


Oliver Smith

“In the challenging Nordic climate, having reliable hand warmers is essential for our customers. Since integrating Hanyao Medical’s products into our lineup, we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the durability and effectiveness of the Hand Warmers.”

Erik Johansen

Erik Johansen
Procurement Director

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