Do you know how to stay warm in cold weather?

tepping on the thick snow, breathing the fresh air, skiing, fishing, camping, hunting......

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Stepping on the thick snow, breathing the fresh air, skiing, fishing, camping, hunting…… that is wonderful! But it’s really bad when your fingers and toes fell frostbite, so staying warm while engaging in winter outdoor sports can be a tricky problem.

You may consider thermal underwear, down jackets, etc. to stay warm, but these only maintain the body’s own heat and can not generate additional heat. But now the good news is we can use self heating warmers as they can generate extra heat, allowing us to still be full of warming even in very cold weather!


We have a lot of models for your reference. The first is the normal hand warmer, which is the smallest and most lightweight. You can put it in your gloves and it is the most efficient way to warm your hands. Or you can hold it in your hand, then put them together in your coat pocket.

These are just like normal hand warmers but they are larger, one is adhesive, another is non-adhensive, so you can choose to stick them to your clothes or put them in your pocket.

Are you like me and your feet suffer from the cold more than other parts of your body? At this time, toe warmer and foot insole warmer are particularly important. You can attach the toe warmer to your socks or put the foot insole warmer directly into your shoes, and your feet will be warm! So come and try our warmers!

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