Why not use the degrade or recycling plastic bags in the air-activated warmers or heat patches?

With more and more people attaching great importance on the environment...

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With more and more people attaching great importance on the environment, people are increasingly aware that the importance of use less plastic materials, so that the degrade or recycling plastic bags are popular, but the materials of bag of air-activated warmers or medical heat patches used are foil plastic bag or KPET+PE bag (the shelf life can be guaranteed 3 years), not degrade materials.


Some customers are proposed to use degrade or recycling plastic bags in this product, actually for the environmental impact of our products, especially the degrade or recycling plastic bags, to be honest, we also pay close attention to this problem, and we are looking for the degrade packaging about three years already, but until now, there is still no better method to solve this problem successfully in whole Market of air-activated warmers, because air activated warmer is different from regular product’s, it has very strict requirements for the quality of plastic bags, especially the ability of sealing, it will react and release heat immediately once contact with the oxygen of air, so the quality of packaging bag is very important for this special product, some degrade or recycling bag can not up to the sealing requirements of air-activate warmer or medical heat patches now, once use these bag, the shelf life will be decreased sharply, even some warmer will be reacted and expired totally before arrive at customer’s hands.

But we already asked our purchasing dept to continuously focus on looking for it, if there is any update or any degrade plastic bag can use in the air-activated warmers, we will test and use it in all our products also!

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