How to deal with knee pain?

When you wake up in the morning or on a cold rainy day, you maybe sometimes feel a slight swelling or dull pain in your knees.

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When you wake up in the morning or on a cold rainy day, you maybe sometimes feel a slight swelling or dull pain in your knees, which may be the result of a strenuous exercise a few days ago or a previous lack of attention to the long-term cold attack on your knees.

In fact, knee is a more vulnerable joint of the human body, and our daily behavioral activities, such as walking, running, going up stairs, more or less will cause certain damage to the knee. If we do not pay attention to its protection, once the knee joint is seriously damaged, not only will affect our daily activities, but also the pain is unbearable, and also it is likely to have serious trouble in our future elderly life.


So what do we do when feel the knee pain?

Don’t worry. The Knee heat Patch, will be the most convenient and suitable doctor for your knee joint care.


The principle of the Knee Heat Patch is the chemical reaction between iron powder and oxygen, so it can generate the heat spontaneously without requiring additional power supply. And its size is 410*140mm, which is compact and convenient, so we can carry it anytime, anywhere with the application on our knee joint.

And the Knee Heat Patch can touch the skin directly, and the heating time can last up to 8 hours. By local heating of the knee, it has the effect of relaxing muscles and relieving pain, The specific principle is:

By releasing heat, Knee Heat Patch can effectively promote blood vessel dilation, speed up the blood circulation, improve local blood circulation disorders, relieve the tension of knee joint, and have a good relief effect on knees pain and swelling. At the same time, the local skin temperature is slightly increased, which can also play a role in promoting local metabolism, effectively improving the nutritional supplement of the knee joint, and avoiding joint lesions.

In addition, Knee Heat Patch can also effectively prevent and protect our Knee joint. For example, blowing air conditioner for a long time in hot summer or riding in the open air in cold winter, the knee will be cold because the knee is not protected by fat, which may cause knee pain. And the Knee Heat Patch can accelerate the blood circulation through local heating of the knee, help to expel the invading cold air, and avoid synovitis or leg muscle spasm caused by blood vessel contraction caused by cold stimulation of the knee joint.

In a word, Knee Heat patch, depending on a long duration and a stable temperature, with a simple way can protect us from the knee joint pain.

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