How to keep your feet warm in colder and colder winter?

Recently, the problem of global warming is getting worse. I do not know if you have such a question...

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Recently, the problem of global warming is getting worse. I do not know if you have such a question: “Why is winter getting colder and colder with global warming?” That’s because Arctic glaciers absorb a lot of heat around them when they melt. A polar epidemic vortex is formed, and this cold air begins to move southward. Of course, this is only one of the reasons for the colder winter.


Affected by the severe winter weather, consumers’ demand for winter heating has greatly increased, and the foot warmer industry is booming. In order to ensure normal life and outdoor activities, people usually give priority to the convenience and heating effect of heating products, and warmers for the feet are more popular in colder places, then there is no doubt that our toe and foot warmers are the best choice!

According to our statistics, so far the sales volume of our non-adhesive insoles has far exceeded that of hand warmers, and the single purchase volume of a single customer has even reached more than 1.5 million pairs.

On the basis of ensuring 8-9 hours of heating time and a maximum temperature of 45℃(113°F), our toe warmers are as light and thin as possible to reduce the foreign body sensation when you use them. We have two types of foot insole warmers, one is adhesive, just stick it on your socks; the other is non-adhesive, put it directly into your shoes. According to our experience, the consumption habits of each region are different. People in North America prefer adhesive ones, while people in Europe prefer non-adhesive ones. No matter which one you choose, we have four models for you to choose, and only our factories can do it in the current market.

Are you still worried about the cold winter? Are you still shivering for winter outdoor sports? Hurry up and act now! You are welcome to choose our “small stove”, choose us:

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