What’s the heating principle of hand warmers? What’s the function of each raw materials in heat packs?

hand warmer
The air activated heat packs is more and more popular in our daily life, such as hand warmer...

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The air activated heat packs is more and more popular in our daily life, such as hand warmer, toe warmer, body warmer, large warmer and foot insole warmer, especially when we go camping, skiing, jogging, fishing or do any other outdoor sports in cold day.

hand warmer

But what’s the heating principle of hand warmers? Why it can release heat for such long time? What’s the raw materials of it? And the function of each raw materials? Today we will explain it for you simply and hope we can understand this product better.

Disposable hand warmers turn up the heat in your mittens by means of an exothermic reaction that, this is a chemical reaction, generally each non-woven pouch contains iron powder, salt, water, activated carbon Vermiculite, and super absorbent polymer. All raw materials are natural, odorless and environmentally.

When the non-woven pouch of hand warmer is removed from its outer packaging, oxygen drifts across the pouch’s permeable covering. With salt and water present, the oxygen reacts with the iron powder located inside to form iron oxide (Fe2O3) and release heat.

  Iron powder  Main heat generating material
  Water  Oxidizing agent
  Vermiculite  Humectant and Heating room
  Activated carbon  Qxidative reaction rate adjustor
  Sodium chloride  Catalyst
  Super Absorbent Polymer  Humectant

for the function of high quality raw materials, another important reason is that the advanced technology of our non-woven fabric composite film, our factory is not only the biggest manufacturer of air activated warmers, but also the biggest manufacturer of non-woven fabric composite film for warmer uses in whole China, most China warmer suppliers are our customers also, they have to purchase finished non-woven fabric to manufacture air activated warmers, and need our help to control the heating time and temperature.

About the technology of non-woven fabric composite film, we will introduce more details for you next week. Thanks.

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