How do you release tension in your neck?

Have you ever experienced such a situation? After sitting upright for a long time, the cervical spine will become stiff...

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Have you ever experienced such a situation? After sitting upright for a long time, the cervical spine will become stiff, sore, and very uncomfortable. Do you know what causes it?

Why are people so prone to cervical spondylosis?


At the beginning of the 21st century, the World Health Organization announced that among the “Top Ten Chronic Disease in the World”, cervical spondylosis ranked second. At present, there are about 900 million patients with spondylosis worldwide, and it has been increasing year by year. Cervical spondylosis mostly occurs in people who work and study with their heads bowed for a long time. Because the neck is twisted for a long time and the same posture is kept still, the muscles and ligaments are strained. So how can office workers prevent spondylosis?

First of all, avoid air conditioners blowing out cervical spondylosis. Because the air conditioner blows cold air fiercely, in order to avoid excessive heat dissipation, local muscles will shrink protectively, and the neck muscles will become tense and stiff. Over time, the shoulders and neck will become sore, leading to cervical spondylosis.

Second, give the neck a support. Neck collar and neck circumference can effectively play a supporting role, especially for patients with various types of cervical spondylosis in the acute stage or with severe symptoms, having a small helper can reduce the burden on the body no matter whether it is a break at noon, a business trip or flying, etc. Avoid long-term use, otherwise it may lead to muscle weakness in the neck and poor mobility of the cervical spine.


For chronic neck pain and stiffness, therapy heat patch may be a relatively safe and convenient method of relief. Heat therapy can dilate local blood vessels and increase blood flow, which can be effective in improving blood circulation in painful or stiff areas. We have launched 5 different sizes of shoulder and neck warmers with self heating time up to 8 hours, which can better meet your needs.

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