What do we need to know about Heat Therapy?

Heat Therapy can dilate local blood vessels, promote blood circulation, bring heat to the whole body, and increase the temperature of the body for warmth...

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What are the benefits of Heat Therapy?

  1. Heat Therapy can dilate local blood vessels, promote blood circulation, bring heat to the whole body, and increase the temperature of the body for warmth.
  2. Heat Therapy can promote metabolism, promote the excretion of local lactic acid metabolites, and then relieve muscle fatigue and tension.
  3. Heat Therapy can Promote local blood circulation through heat, enhance the ductility of muscle tissue, relieve muscle fatigue and stiffness.
  4. The heat can reduces the excitability of the nociceptive nerves and relieves the compression of nerve endings by pain-causing substances, thereby relieving pain.

When should I apply a hot therapy?

  1. When we are outdoors in the cold in winter, or in summer due to the long blowing of air conditioning to drive away the cold of the joints, etc.
  2. When pain occurs, of course, it is not considered sudden skin trauma, such as cervical spine pain caused by long-term sitting, pain caused by uterine contractions during women’s menstrual period, etc.
  3. Heat therapy can also be applied before exercise, and by releasing heat, it can speed up the body’s blood circulation and better help us warm up.

How to choose the tools of Heat Therapy?

  1. A towel soaked in hot water is a simple and easy heat therapy tool, but its heat can only be maintained for about five minutes, which is very short; Moreover, its heat is uncontrollable, and it is easy to get burned.
  2. There are also special heating ointments, but its heat effect usually does not penetrate deep into the deep tissues and muscles, and often needs to be combined with massage to achieve the best results.
  3. Our Medical Heat Patch, using medical grade spunlace non-woven fabric, can directly touch the skin and intuitively feel the heat better.

Our Heat Patches using of iron powder with high quality, the heating time can last up to 8-12 hours. And its good penetration performance, can make the heat reach the deep tissue muscles, so that the muscles and joints can be better soothed and relaxed.

There are wide range of products, and its ergonomic shapes can conform to all parts of the body, so that it will not affect daily operations in the slightest.

For example, in the warm-up activities before the shot put and javelin throwing, we can use the Shoulder&Neck Patch to apply to the shoulder to have a heat therapy; During the woman’s menstrual period, the Period Pain Patch can be applied to the lower abdomen, then go about the normal work and life.


In short, Heat Therapy is very beneficial to our body, and our products will give you a better experience of Heat Therapy.

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